'The Dark Knight Rises' Heads To India

Pittsburgh and Chicago may share a legacy as reflections of Batman’s hometown Gotham, but Christopher Nolan’s Batman films have always been multi-location filming projects, and “The Dark Knight Rises” is no exception.

From Indian news outlet the Daily Bhaskar comes the scoop that the third and final Dark Knight installment from Nolan will be touching down for filming in the city of Jodhpur, within the Indian state of Rajasthan.

Packed with palaces and temples and surrounded by desert, Jodhpur is a popular tourist destination, recognizable also for a landscape of bright blue-painted houses.

Jodhpur joins other metropolitan shooting locations Pittsburgh, Los Angeles and New York, in addition to parts of the UK. But where certain portions of the bustling American cities could blend together, Jodhpur sticks out—to Westerners at least—with more of an exotic visual lushness. It’s certainly tempting to imagine something involving some element of the Al Ghul clan taking place there, being that Ras and his League of Shadows have gravitated toward the Orient.

Earlier this month it was revealed that actor Josh Pence was cast as a "young" Ra's Al Ghul in the movie. No additional plot information regarding the character's presence in the film was released at the time.

“The Dark Knight Rises” is set to begin production in early May.

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