Captain America Will Get A New Costume For 'Avengers,' Says Chris Evans

At this point, we've seen a lot of Chris Evans as Captain America in the World War II-era "The First Avenger," but will he sport a similar look once he's thawed out in the modern day? Apparently not, according to Evans.

When MTV News spoke to Evans as part of our Summer Movie Preview Week, the actor revealed that the star-spangled superhero's suit will get an overhaul when he joins Iron Man, Thor, and the rest of Earth's Mightiest Heroes in "The Avengers."

"[It's a] new costume," Evans told MTV News of Captain America's visual change-up in the 2012 blockbuster. "Yeah, it's awesome. It's really cool."

Even though he previously confessed some concern about feeling "silly" in Cap's red, white, and blue costume, Evans said the outfit eventually grew on him — so much so that he missed it once he had to say goodbye to the old suit.

"I was worried because I started to get really attached to the old one," he said. "I really started digging it. It's not that easy to move in, but I started really liking it. The first time we tried a new one on, I was like, 'Oh, I miss the old one.'"

And just because no "Avengers"-related interview would be complete without a status report, Evans told MTV News that he was on the set of the film just a few days ago, trying on the costume.

"I was just in Albuquerque a couple days ago and we did a camera test with the new suit," he said. "It's pretty rad."

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