Does This ‘X-Men: First Class’ Trailer Give Us The First Look At Sebastian Shaw’s Mutant Power?

We’ve seen quite a few “X-Men: First Class” trailers and images hit the ’net lately, with a new international trailer and a shot of Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique the most recent of the bunch. Now, another trailer has found its way online, and while it doesn’t offer much in the way of new footage, there is one notable addition: a brief glimpse of Kevin Bacon as Sebastian Shaw, offering what could be the first look at how the character’s mutant abilities will manifest themselves in the film.

Posted on Marvel’s official YouTube page, the new international trailer recycles most of the existing trailer footage, but adds the aforementioned shot of Sebastian Shaw around the 1:02 mark.

In the scene, a dapper-looking Shaw appears aboard a boat, with a tropical beach in the background, holding a golden, orb-shaped device in his hand. A second later, there’s an explosion, and Shaw’s hands — which look to have either multiplied or be in such fast motion that he appears to have more than two hands — are seen compressing the fiery mass.

You can check it out in the trailer below, but I managed to grab two screenshots of the scene, too.

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