'Doctor Who' Preview: Producer Piers Wenger Talks Season Six!

The "Doctor Who" season premiere aired last weekend, and we warmed up for its arrival with some exclusive video featuring the cast of the long-running BBC series. Last Friday, we heard from The Doctor himself, Matt Smith, and then we kept things rolling with his companion, Amy Pond actress Karen Gillan.

This time around, we have some choice bits of "Doctor Who" brilliance from executive producer Piers Wenger, who spoke to MTV News from the set of the series, and received an unexpected drop-in from The Doctor midway through our chat.

"Planning this season of 'Doctor Who' has been a different experience to the previous season," Wenger told MTV News. "This is Matt's second season as The Doctor, and it's the Eleventh Doctor's second outing, and I think this time we were allowed to make the series more complex and darker and more surprising than maybe we were able to last year."

"Last year was all about getting the world to fall in love with that man with his new face..." said Wenger before the sudden arrival of Smith, who wrestled around with him a bit before laughing his way off screen.

"This time around, the characters are all in place, the world thankfully did buy into the new characters and into the new people playing them," he added. "And now we can take them off and take them to much scarier and darker and more complicated places than we did last time and test those relationships people have invested in."

Scarier and darker places, eh?

Looks like The Doctor — and his fans — could be in for a wild season.

The next episode of "Doctor Who" airs this Saturday at 9 PM Eastern on BBC America. Keep it locked to MTV Splash Page for more "Doctor Who" news, interviews, and video throughout the season!

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