'Doctor Who' Preview: Karen Gillan Explains The New Relationship Dynamic In Season Six

The new season of "Doctor Who" is almost upon us, and that means more adventures with The Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory.

Of course, with Amy and Rory tying the knot before jumping back into action with The Doctor, there's a brand new relationship dynamic at work inside the TARDIS. How will it play out as they travel through space and time fighting alien menaces? Well, that's exactly what we asked Amy herself, actress Karen Gillan, during a break in "Doctor Who" filming.

"Amy's relationship with The Doctor is going to have a few ups and downs and changes in this new series, particularly because Rory's on board," Gillan told MTV News. "It adds a whole new dimension to it. I think having him on the TARDIS really emphasizes the relationship [between Amy and The Doctor] and makes it slightly clearer."

According to Gillan, the pair's flirtatious relationship is a thing of the past now that she's a married woman — but that doesn't mean Amy's any less close to The Doctor. In fact, it's quite the opposite.

"There's this one moment where Amy realizes that [she] and The Doctor are best friends — really weird, unhealthy best friends — but I think from the last series with Amy kissing The Doctor and things like that, it's moved on," she explained. "It's something much deeper than that."

"She's not trying it on anymore," she laughed. "It's something far deeper and it's kind of an emotional connection of two people who are best friends."

The season premiere of "Doctor Who" airs Saturday, April 23, at 9 PM Eastern on BBC America.

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