'Little Thor' Ad Puts Marvel Spin On VW's Viral Hit

Little ThorChris Hemsworth isn’t the only actor who can don Thor's armor. In a new Marvel spoof of the famous Volkswagen commercial, a pint-sized god of thunder tries to call down the lightning with limited success — until the very end of the ad, of course.

In the Marvel-made clip, Little Thor even gets his own background music — “Ride of the Valkyries” by Richard Wagner. Still, his antics with a toy Mjolnir aren’t able to impress his dog, his mom, or even the doll.

But all that changes when his dad drives up in a spiffy new car.

In the original VW commercial, a little kid dressed as Darth Vader tries to channel the Dark Side around the house to no avail, only to find success on the family's new VW car. (It’s really his dad using a remote control.)

In this "Little Thor" ad, things turn out a bit differently.

Oh, and make sure you read the name on the dog’s bowl and check out what it says on the car’s license plate, comic fans.

“Thor” hits theaters May 6.

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