No Movement On 'Gambit' Solo Movie, Says Taylor Kitsch

Taylor KitschEver since the first "X-Men" movie, there have been rumors about which mutants are destined for their own solo films. Taylor Kitsch, who played the mutant Gambit in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” is one of the actors who's had a fair share of speculation surround his role, with many wondering whether we could eventually see a "Gambit" solo movie.

In an interview with, Kitsch discussed his potential return to the role in future movies. Spoiler alert: The odds don't look good.

"There were strong rumors a while ago, but I haven't heard or seen anything tangible anyways," he admitted.

While the notion of more solo “X-Men” movies with characters who aren't Wolverine is entirely up in the air right now, he knows how he'd like to see a "Gambit" solo film turn out.

"I know if we do it, it'll probably be down the road and we'll do it hopefully a lot darker,” he said. “I'd love to play him again, but it's a matter of doing it right, too. There's no point in just doing it for the sake of doing it."

"You gotta kill if you're going to do it, so we'll see," he added.

Do you like Kitsch’s idea of darker “X-Men” movies? Would you like to see Gambit as one of the characters who would return? Let us know in the comments section or on Twitter!