'Green Lantern' And 'Cowboys & Aliens' Reactions, And Female Superheroes In Today's Twitter Report

Cowboys and AliensThe general public got a look at some new "Cowboys and Aliens" trailer action last week, but if you're a producer like Ron Howard, Jon Favreau's got a lot more to show you. I'm sure the same goes for the producers behind "Green Lantern" right now, but the tweets in the feed this morning only included trailer critiques on that front.

Check out what Bill Willingham was looking for in there, as well what Bryan Hitch refused to do on his birthday and who finished "Dragon Age 2" below. Those thoughts and Mark Millar's opinion on Arnold Schwarzenegger wanting to be President made the rundown in today's highlights.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is the Twitter Report for April 22, 2011.

@Jon_Favreau Showed @RealRonHoward the latest cut of Cowboys & Aliens tonite.

-Jon Favreau, Director ("Cowboys and Aliens," "Iron Man 2")

@mrmarkmillar Arnie has declared he wants to be President of EU. Surely I'm not the only one concerned about an Austrian having supreme control of Europe?

-Mark Millar, Writer ("Wanted," "Kick-Ass")

@THEHITCHFACTORY It's my birthday today so am having the day off. Well I'm not drawing anyway. Assembling garden furniture and food shopping but no drawing

-Bryan Hitch, Artist ("The Ultimates," "Captain America: Reborn")

@BillWillingham Finally saw the Green Lantern trailers. Looks pretty good. Kept looking for the one GL I designed. Maybe in the crowd in one scene.

-Bill Willingham, Writer ("Fables," "Shadowpact")

@smuu Watching the Green Lantern trailer; I REALLY want a superhero movie starring a woman. I want a girl to do something awesome in a SH movie.

-Faith Erin Hicks, Writer/Artist ("Zombies Calling," "The War at Ellsmere")

@GailSimone Why is it that lately, whenever someone says they are writing a, "strong female character," I know I'm in for a huge heap of bullshit?

-Gail Simone, Writer ("Wonder Woman," "Birds of Prey")

@themikenorton Finished Dragon Age 2. Took half the time of the first one and it didn't engage me like origins. I can't say I didn't like it though.

-Mike Norton, Artist ("Gravity," "Blue Beetle")

@ryanqnorth In other news I had a dream where I had a portal gun in real life last night and I would rate the dream 100% awesome, thank you brain

-Ryan North, Writer/Artist ("Dinosaur Comics")

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