Upcoming 'Smallville' To Feature Phonebooth Transformation And 'Super' Name Change?

By now “Smallville” fans know to expect Booster Gold and Blue Beetle from this Friday’s new episode. But as the DC heroes tapped for appearance become more cult-revered and the show’s remaining airtime runs thin, decade-long disciples have got to wonder what signs of evolution are in store for in Clark.

EW’s Inside TV blog has a small list of subtle spoilers to offer, although we don’t think they’ll spoil much of anything for fans fevered to see their favorite hero’s much-prepped transformation.

As hinted at in trailers, the episode is said to feature an iconic phonebooth transformation, although not to the extent we’re used to seeing.

The full cape and tights will, presumably, wait until more final moments. The big chiller apparently has to do with “steps” taken toward creating the simple name of Clark’s culturally massive alter ego.

What could those steps be? And what is the chance they’ll be part of a montage? One wonders.

Yet another seasonally-appropriate Easter Egg highlighted is the arrival of “clumsy Kent.” We always thought Tom Welling and his perfect cheekbones might be at stylistic odds with that part of Clark’s persona, but we’re confident he’ll pull it off non-the-less. He’s only had ten years to practice, after all.

How do you predict Clark may arrive at his super name? Let us know what you think in the comment section or on Twitter!