'Doctor Who' Roundup: R.I.P. Sarah Jane Smith, Time Machine Wishes, And Top 11 Lists

Elisabeth Sladen - Doctor WhoDespite this weekend's premiere of the new "Doctor Who" season, today was a sad day for longtime Whovians.

As reported by BBC News, "Doctor Who" actress Elisabeth Sladen has died at age 63. The actress played a fan-favorite companion to The Doctor, Sarah Jane Smith, appearing throughout the 1973-1976 seasons of "Doctor Who" and recently starring in her own spinoff series, "The Sarah Jane Adventures." Sladen also appeared in the modern incarnation of "Doctor Who" alongside former star David Tennant.

While Sladen's passing will certainly be felt around the "Doctor Who" universe, the looming premiere of the latest season — and all of the mainstream hype surrounding it — serves as a great reminder of the growing legacy shared by Sladen and other members of the "Doctor Who" family.

With only a few days left before "The Impossible Astronaut" airs on BBC America, the network has offered up a cool little video series in which "Doctor Who" showrunner Steven Moffat and other members of the cast and creative team ponder what they'd do if they had their very own time machine.

For Karen Gillan, the answer is obvious: she'd travel to the future to see everyone's "massive, massive heads"...

The purveyors of all things "Doctor Who" have also posted a few Top 11 lists that you might want to check out, counting down the terrifying monsters and wild science-fiction tech from Matt Smith's first season as The Doctor. Here's BBC America's list of the the Top 11 Monsters:

Personally, I would've swapped the #2 and #1 picks, but that's just me (and my dislike for the redesigned rainbow Daleks).

The new season of "Doctor Who" kicks off April 23 on BBC America.

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