'Thor' Tie-in Ads Feature A Stan Lee Cameo & Destroyer Blasting An Acura

Not every Marvel superhero is a God. That title belongs only to Thor—the Avengers team member set to hit the movie circuit on May 6. What that deity status means—among other things—is that even Thor’s product tie-in commercials get Stan Lee cameos.

As Bette Midler said, “God is watching us from a distance” — and Thor knows you like to get your quench on with some Doctor-approved cherry cola drink. So when a soda machine just won't cough up the sweet stuff for the unlucky sap in this Dr. Pepper spot, an off-screen Thor blasts it open with a bolt of divine intervention.

“Everybody gets one,” you can imagine the Norse God muttering to himself as he shuffles away, Italian combo sub in hand.

In another commercial tied to the film, the Acura TL (the “official vehicle” of “Thor”) weathers a firefight between some humans and the Destroyer—a celestial baddie of Thor comic fame. Spoiler Alert: the car’s interior remains surprisingly luxurious throughout the fiery supernatural attack.

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