Joss Whedon Says 'Avengers' Will Start Production In A Week

Joss WhedonIt won’t be much longer before “The Avengers” starts filming. Not long ago, Mark Ruffalo said it would begin the first week of May, and now director Joss Whedon is answering questions about when production will start, too.

Speaking with The New York Times, Whedon said, “We’re just a hardscrabble bunch. Guerilla filmmaking. I start production a week from Monday. I’m going to get started on the script now. Apparently that’s a thing. I don’t get it. Improv stunts are always way more exciting-looking.”

That likely means production will start on April 25. Since the director also admitted in the interview that he has insomnia, let’s hope he’s doing better by then and ready to jump into action.

Most of the interview discussed things other than “The Avengers,” but the movie did get brought up at the end. Asked about the status of his long-awaited horror film "The Cabin In The Woods," Whedon said, “I have hope that ‘Avengers’ may not be the only thing I get to put out next year.”

“The Avengers” is scheduled for a May 2012 premiere.

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