Chris Evans On His Crazy 'Captain America' Transformation & 'The Captain America Song'

Captain AmericaSome of the most interesting parts of "Captain America" that we've seen so far show Chris Evans as a puny dude who is at first rejected from the Army for being too skinny. Unlike some actors who go on dangerous crash diets to achieve that freaky look, Evans was digitally manipulated -- which is especially helpful since he has to get all muscle-bound and ready to kick butt later in the movie.

However, before he became the superstar of comic book flicks, he admits he looked more like Steve Rogers than the all-American Captain.

"[I]t it wasn’t that foreign to me because that’s what I looked like for a big chunk of my life," he told USA Today. "This is what I looked like for all of all middle school. Up until maybe sophomore year, I was a pretty skinny kid for a long time."

Along with plopping Evans' head onto another actor's body for certain scenes, they also used digital effects to make Evans look smaller in many of the action scenes.

"Anytime my body's completely still, if I'm lying on that bed or if I’m sitting in a chair not moving, it was easier for them to put my head on a smaller body," he explained. "But anytime there was movement or action or acting involved, Joe and I were pretty adamant about saying, 'Look, you've got to shrink me down.'"

Otherwise, Evans was at the gym pumping iron and chowing down to get all muscle-bound for that Captain America suit. Looks like it worked!

As if being transmogrified to a teeny weakling wasn't enough, Evans was the victim of a particularly catchy earworm -- the Captain America theme song. Part of the Captain's duties is to rally the troops and sell war bonds as did Bob Hope, John Wayne, and Marilyn Monroe.

"Initially in the film, when he becomes Captain America, long story short the serum is destroyed and they can’t reproduce the experiment so I’m the only super soldier there is. The U.S. government won’t allow me to go to war because it's too risky and they can’t afford to lose me, but they use me as a propaganda tool and they send me on a USO Tour," he explained.

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