Thor's Hammer Arrives At MTV Splash Page HQ!

Thor toys"Thor" hits theaters May 6, but his magical hammer Mjolnir showed up a few weeks early at Splash Page HQ.

We gave you an early peek at Hasbro's line of "Thor" movie toys during our Toy Fair 2011 coverage, and now some of those same toys — and one big hammer — have found their way to the MTV Newsroom. Along with a trio of action figures that really do look like miniature versions of Chris Hemsworth as the god of thunder, Hasbro also sent over a ridiculously cool "Lightning Hammer" and an "Armor of Asgard" helmet.

And because I have no shame whatsoever, I immediately donned the helmet and held the hammer aloft, calling upon the power of Thor!



Just in case you missed our Toy Fair preview, the "Lightning Hammer" is actually a pretty great piece of "Thor" movie merch. Not only does it look cool, but its hollow rubber head doesn't cause too much damage when you slam it on a co-worker's desk and scream "I SAY THEE NAY!!!" (Not that I did that to MTV Movies Blog editor Josh Wigler in the first five minutes of receiving the package or anything...)

On top of all that, the hammer also makes a lightning-and-thunder sound whenever you push a button on the handle. I figure I have about four or five more chances to "call the lightning" before I'm violently banished from Asgard, err... I mean, the newsroom.

"Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor," indeed...


Hasbro's "Thor" movie toys are on shelves now!

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