'Thor' Star Tom Hiddleston Confirms Deal For Future Marvel Movies

Tom HiddlestonThor may be the star, but Loki can’t be ignored — and actor Tom Hiddleston, who plays the trickster god, has the paperwork to prove it.

Speaking to Italian publication Comicus, Hiddleston confirmed his deal to return as Loki for more Marvel movies.

“When I signed my contract, I signed to play Loki in five more Marvel movies, but they were unspecified," he explained. "So, if there will be more movies or not remains to be seen, but I like the idea of Loki turning up in the shadows when people least expect him."

"You never know these things, the world changes and the things change, but I feel like I know who Loki is, so I wouldn’t mind [returning]," he added.

It's worth noting that he didn't confirm if one of the upcoming movies would be “The Avengers,” despite an abundance of rumors that his character could play a role in the 2012 superhero team-up project.

Still, it sounds as though Hiddleston does know the character well. Describing the Norse god, he said Loki is "a misunderstood hero, and all of his credentials as a bad guy come from a psychological complexity, and from the fact that he feels like he doesn’t belong anywhere, that he’s been lied to, that he’s been betrayed."

"Also, he is enormously intelligent: he is a very, very intelligent character, but he is under-loved and undervalued," he added.

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