New 'Cowboys & Aliens' Trailer Arrives!

Cowboys & AliensThe new trailer for "Cowboys & Aliens" debuted last night, and while there's not a lot of new footage to be found in it, we did get a few choice tidbits to whet our appetites for the upcoming sci-fi western mash-up.

Currently available on iTunes, the new trailer offers a bit more info on the plot of the film and Daniel Craig's character, as well as a quick tease of the aliens. There's also an interesting shot that hints at the fate of the locals once they're whipped into the air and captured by the aliens.

Oh, and there's more footage of Olivia Wilde — which is always appreciated around Splash Page HQ.

The new trailer would seem to indicate that Craig's mysterious character, Jake Lonergan, is eventually tasked with not only fighting off the invading alien force, but also rescuing the townspeople.

Midway through the preview, there's also a quick shot of a crowd of humans inside what appears to be an alien ship, hanging limply from the rope-like alien tech that snatched them from the ground. We then get a shot of one of the poor locals on an examination table — which is never good when aliens are concerned.

cowboys & Aliens

Later in the trailer, another character is heard remarking, "I've seen good men do bad things, and bad men do good things," which could hint at the roles played by Craig's character as well as Harrison Ford's character.

Oh, and there's a nice shot of an alien's hand, too:

cowboys & Aliens

"Cowboys & Aliens" hits theaters July 29.

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