'Doctor Who' Roundup: New Clips, Images, And Enemies Revealed!

Doctor WhoThe season premiere of "Doctor Who" is nearly upon us, and that means BBC America is pulling out all the stops to get Whovians and fans-in-the-making excited for Matt Smith's return as The Eleventh Doctor.

Earlier this week, we brought you a spoiler-free list of highlights from the two-part premiere episode, which screened early at a well-attended evening event attended by much of the "Doctor Who" cast and creative team. However, the run-up to the official premiere on April 23 has been accompanied online with a host of new clips, promotional images, and even a "Doctor Who"-friendly widget or two.

I've collected some of the clips and images below, but the spoiler-sensitive should take note: there are some items here which might be better left unseen before their in-episode debut — specifically, the creepy new aliens known as The Silence.

First off, a few new clips from "The Impossible Astronaut," the first episode in the two-part premiere:

There are also a bunch of great images from the premiere popping up around the 'net, including this one of The Eleventh Doctor sporting his new favorite headwear: a Stetson. You know what? I'm beginning to think Matt Smith can make any type of hat cool.

Doctor Who

You can check out more "Doctor Who" images at Life, Doctor Who, and Combom.

Oh, and remember that spoilery image of The Silence I mentioned earlier? Are you sure you want to see it? Well, here are two new promotional posters released for the upcoming season, with the first featuring the aforementioned "Impossible Astronaut" and the second featuring the The Doctor's latest nemesis, The Silence.

Peruse at your own peril!

Doctor Who

Doctor Who

And finally, just in case you want to keep a close eye on the time between now and the Season 6 (or Season 32, if you want to get technical) premiere, BBC America has created a handy little countdown widget that will tell you exactly how long you have to wait.

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