James McAvoy Jokes About Weird 'X-Men: First Class' Silhouette Posters

Like some of the other comic book movies hitting theaters this year, the marketing machine for "X-Men: First Class" has traveled a bumpy road en route to the film's upcoming release. Much of the promotional imagery for the film has received a mixed response, though the first "X-Men: First Class" trailer seemed to win over quite a few skeptics.

Possibly the most derided of the film's promotional efforts was a pair of posters released in March that depicted the faces of stars James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender eerily staring out from the silhouettes of their characters from the previous "X-Men" films, Professor X and Magneto. When MTV News caught up with McAvoy at the press junket for his new film "The Conspirator," we asked him about the posters.

"I have no idea," McAvoy told MTV News when asked what's going on in the bizarre posters.

Shaking his head, McAvoy joked with his "Conspirator" co-star Robin Wright about the positioning of his face in what would be the midsection of mutant telepath Charles Xavier (played by Patrick Stewart) in the original franchise.

"I really had to sit on Patrick Stewart's lap [for that image]," he laughed. "The only thing they photoshopped was to make him all dark."

"X-Men: First Class" hits theaters June 3.

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