'Amazing Spider-Man' Seeks Beautiful Redhead With Stealthy Casting Call

Mary Jane ComicAttention all attractive young red-headed gals who don’t already feel lucky: if this recently (and stealthily) released casting call is what it seems, you may have a chance at taking home the jackpot—in the form of potentially portraying comic book icon Mary Jane Watson.

Caught by SuperHeroHype, the just-released casting call falls under “Fiona’s Tale,” or the secret title assigned to all things “Amazing Spider-Man.”

Wondering why a character as high-profile as Mary Jane would be solicited via a cattle-call of scarlet haired amateurs? Well, while MJ may be a marquee-gracing name, the required role—at least in this film—is not exactly a speaking part.

The description requests an “actress to portray beautiful red-headed teenage girl for featured background (18+ only).”

(Interested candidates are encouraged to apply at FTextras@gmail.com.)

Of course, there is no guarantee the part is meant to be Mary Jane and not some other red-haired beauty dropped in the Spider-Man universe. But the notion of a gorgeous red head gracing the background of a scene with Spidey does suggest the possibility of a tease hinting at MJ’s appearance in future Spidey films. A lingering glance perhaps?

Sometimes redhead Emma Stone was at one point thought to be in the running for Mary Jane, before it was revealed that the actress would be playing Peter Parker's original comic paramore, Gwen Stacy.

Do you expect to catch a glimpse of Mary Jane, no matter how small, within 'Amazing Spider-Man'? Do you qualify for the casting call? Let us know what you think in the comment section or on Twitter!