Hugh Grant, Michael Clarke Duncan, And 'Game Of Thrones' In Today's Twitter Report

Doctor WhoSome bloggers have been hoping to see or hear Michael Clarke Duncan step into the role of Kilowog in "Green Lantern" for a long time now. He's reportedly down now, however—and there was much rejoicing.

In other celebratory posts, Kieron Gillen reluctantly praised Hugh Grant—I'm assuming because he's in the news for reverse snooping on the press. "Game of Thrones," meanwhile, remains a much less controversial topic. Everyone's stokes about that. Check out what Jonathan Hickman won't let come between him and the new HBO show and how Brian Lynch would handle a "Scream 4"-style situation after the jump.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is your Twitter Report for April 13, 2011.

@MichaelPapajohn on ncis los angeles tonight.....I don't die...but arrested by attractive women

-Michael Papajohn, Actor ("Spider-Man," "Thor")

@kierongillen If you told me yesterday that Hugh Grant would be my hero today, I'd think you insane.

-Kieron Gillen, Writer ("Phonogram," "Thor")

@BrianLynch I don't know about you, but if someone called me and asked if I like scary movies, I'd make him promise if I answer, he can't stab me.

-Brian Lynch, Writer ("Angel: After the Fall," "Monkey Man Unleashed")

@maguirekevin Michael Clarke Duncan is the voice of Kilowog. Works for me

-Kevin Maguire, Artist ("Justice League," "Defenders")

"Game of Thrones" pt. 1: @g_willow How mad am I that we don't get HBO. #gameofthrones

-G. Willow Wilson, Writer ("Air," "Vixen: Return of the Lion")

"Game of Thrones" pt. 2: @JHickman You know, I don't care that this cold is screwing with how much writing I wanted to get done this week, my sleeping, or my disposition... [continued] ...but if it ruins Game of Thrones Sunday, I'm going to be upset.

-Jonathan Hickman, Writer ("Fantastic Four," "The Nightly News")

@GuyDavisART Sorry to hear all the layoff news coming from Dark Horse~ some great and experienced people are now available, and I'm sure not for long

-Guy Davis, Writer/Artist ("The Marquis," "B.P.R.D.")

@TedNaifeh So my plan is to do a graphic novel DISGUISED as a novel novel. Sneak word balloons in where you least expect them. I'm sneaky like that.

-Ted Naifeh, Writer/Artist ("Polly and the Pirates," "How Loathsome")

@radiomaru in an alternate universe the Scott Pilgrim movie made $200 million and the video game had online multiplayer #lol

-Bryan Lee O'Malley, Writer/Artist ("Scott Pilgrim vs. The World," "Lost at Sea")

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