Edge's Retirement, Ron Jeremy, And 'Doctor Who' In Today's Twitter Report

Doctor WhoWrestling fans reacted with mixed emotions after Edge announced his retirement from WWE. Jill Thompson, for one, wished him well. Meanwhile, Vito Delsante took the opportunity to kick up some conspiracy dust around Vince McMahon.

Ron Jeremy was on a few minds for some reason as well. Bendis wants to see him in a movie, while Pete Woods wished for a comic book featuring the adult film star. Their tweets, some "Doctor Who" commentary as the new season nears and a very special wish regarding ponies show up today after the jump.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is your Twitter Report for April 12, 2011.

The Edge pt. 1: @incogvito I'm telling you; the Edge retirement is a work. Vince NEVER let's Canadians retire as champion! #VinceScrewedBret #neverforget

-Vito Delsante, Writer ("FCHS," "Stuck")

The Edge pt. 2: @thejillthompson I am sad that Edge must retire but I don't want anything bad to happen to Adam! Thank you for great matches, humor and promos, Edge!!! #Edge

-Jill Thompson, Artist ("Beasts of Burden," "The Sandman")

"Doctor Who" pt. 1: @mrtonylee I have just written the worst in joke/pun EVER in Doctor Who #8. Luckily only about 5 people will realise it.

-Tony Lee, Writer ("Doctor Who," "The Gloom")

"Doctor Who" pt. 2: @mistergrist Gah! Doctor Who is all over next weeks Radio Times - and the new series doesn't start until the week after! Is nowhere safe from spoilers?

-Paul Grist, Writer/Artist ("Jack Staff," "Kane")

Ron Jeremy pt. 1: @BRIANMBENDIS How did they make the movie zombie strippers without Ron Jeremy? what is the world coming to!!??

-Brian Michael Bendis, Writer ("New Avengers," "Ultimate Spider-Man")

Ron Jeremy pt. 2: @thatpetewoods Pete Woods

I am creating a new Lantern Corps for DC. I can't say much about it, but I'll give you a hint what their emotion is---

-Pete Woods, Artist ("Action Comics," "Amazons Attack!")

Ron Jeremy pt. 3: @thatpetewoods "Ron Jeremy of Earth--- RISE"

@evilkalman I really want to like The Killing, but the lead actress is SO BAD.

-Kalman Andrasofszky, Artist ("NYX: No Way Home," "Dazzler")

@wigu @jephjacques Maybe if Earth Ponies FLOATED we'd stop making them into toothpaste and stuff. O_o #ponysafety

-Jeffrey Rowland, Writer/Artist ("Overcompensating," "Wigu")

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