James McAvoy Talks 'X:Men: First Class' Plot, Teases Potential Sequels

DESCAs the actor playing Charles Xavier in the soon-to-be-released “X-Men: First Class,” James McAvoy has plenty to say about the movie, his character, and any possible sequels.

Speaking with the Italian publication Comicus, McAvoy revealed some details about the plot of the upcoming film.

"It’s about the burgeoning tension between these two characters, Erik Lehnsherr, played by Michael Fassbender, and my character, Charles Xavier,” he said. “And on a greater level, it’s about where this new species of mutants is going to go. It can go two ways: they can regard themselves as the next step of human evolution or they can regard themselves as an entirely new species in conflict with humanity.”

He says his character considers himself “an evolutionary human.” Sebastian Shaw, played by Kevin Bacon, doesn’t consider himself human, and Erik has to decide which side he’s on.

When asked about a potential trilogy for “X-Men” films, McAvoy responded, “The possibilities are just so, so exciting in terms of what could happen. For all the characters, I have to say. They’re all going through so much and they’ve all been through so many traumas now that you can have them be really messed up. They’re all pretty saintly by the time they get to X1, so let’s have them really struggle for now.”

He admits he’s opinionated on these matters.

“So yeah, I’ve got a lot of ideas about where it should be taken,” he said. “I just think it should be really messed up, and that’s all I can really say because they probably won’t let me do any of it!"

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