Jon Favreau On 'Cowboys & Aliens' Casting And Why Clint Eastwood Didn't Quite Fit

Pretty much the minute that "Cowboys & Aliens" was announced, people have been intrigued — and that was before fan-favorites Harrison Ford, Daniel Craig and Jon Favreau were announced as the film's stars and director.

When MTV News caught up with Favreau recently during a lengthy chat at WonderCon, we asked him if, given the film's genre-blending, he'd considered involving another icon of the Western genre: one Clint Eastwood.

"He's definitely somebody we would have been very appreciative to work with. He's iconic," Favreau said. "For this genre, Harrison felt like the right guy because he's still vital and exciting enough that he can jump on a horse, ride into battle, but he's also a different generation than Daniel."

"So there's that tension of the old gunslinger, the new gunslinger," he added. "The old aging powerful cattleman and the young drifter coming through town."

Favreau went on to say that they really wanted to play off that new-vs.-old tension.

"That's where a lot of the humor comes from, that's where there is a lot of the fun," he said. "Buddy films started with 'Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid.' Here we are with these two icons that are squaring off and ultimately have to work together. That's the level of humor and fun we were looking for."

"We never wanted the alien invasion to be dismissed, we never wanted the Western to be made fun of, we wanted the mashup to drive the excitement," he explained.

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