Eisner Nominations, 'American Idol' And Black Canary Vs. Black Widow In Today's Twitter Report

Locke and KeyIf you follow any number of comics creators on Twitter, you know that the official list of 2011 Eisner nominations emerged yesterday. Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez enjoyed a whopping four nominations between them for their work on "Locke and Key," and Jim McCann was definitely feeling the love for "Return of the Dapper Men." Meanwhile, Mark Waid used a lot of capital letters to sound off about a lack of Boom! Studios titles on the list. ("I Thought You Would Be Funnier" did nab a nod for Best Humor Publication, though.")

The greatest retweets of the day list contains other jewels as well today, with a rousing debate about who would win in a fight between Black Canary and Black Widow and some fine advice to artists from Simon Spurrier. Look, learn and see if you reacted to "American Idol" the same way Ty Templeton did after the jump.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is your Twitter Report for April 8, 2011.

Eisner nominations pt. 1: @joe_hill Amped to be on the list of nominees for the #eisners this year along with so many awesomely creative writers and artists.

-Joe Hill, Writer ("Locke & Key")

Eisner nominations pt. 2: @MarkWaid Oh, for GOD'S SAKE, @boomstudios, WHICH ONE OF YOU FORGOT TO PAY THE EISNER NOMINATIONS BILL THIS YEAR??? Do I have to do EVERYTHING???

-Mark Waid, Writer ("Kingdom Come," "The Flash")

Eisner nominations pt. 3: @JimMcCann Wow, just...wow. I was at a show & came home to all of this crazy love! Honestly don't know what to say right now #Eisners #stillprocessing

-Jim McCann, Writer ("Hawkeye and Mockingbird," "Return of the Dapper Men")

@tytempleton The kid on American Idol looks like Alfred E. Neuman and Timothy Hutton had a baby. (Shudders at the thought)

-Ty Templeton, Writer/Artist ("The Batman Adventures," "Bigg Time")

@AH_AdamHughes When asked what movie I was looking forward to MOST this year, I replied: "The new season of DOCTOR WHO".

-Adam Hughes, Artist ("Wonder Woman," "Catwoman")

Black Canary vs. Black Widow pt. 1:@marjoriemliu @GailSimone Oh, well, GOOD! That's better. And Black Widow could KICK Black Canary's skinny backside off the planet!

-Marjorie Liu, Writer ("X-23," "NYX: No Way Home")

Black Canary vs. Black Widow pt. 2:@GailSimone @marjoriemliu Hahahah, yeah! Oh, wait. You're serious? Black Widow? Vs. the Canary? Hahahahahahaha!

-Gail Simone, Writer ("Birds of Prey," "Wonder Woman")

Black Canary vs. Black Widow pt. 3:@marjoriemliu @GailSimone Oh, please. You know it's true. Black Widow is totally ruthless. She's cut that Canary Beyotch and make her tweet from a tree!

@sispurrier NB to comicbook artists: when the editor sends a note saying "I don't know what I'm looking at here", don't reply with an explanation.

-Simon Spurrier, Writer ("Gutsville," "Wolverine: Dangerous Game")

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