'The Avengers' Puts The Spotlight On Every Character, Says 'Thor' Actor Chris Hemsworth

With Joss Whedon's "The Avengers" scheduled to arrive in theaters roughly just a year after "Thor" opens on May 6, Marvel fans are antsy for updates on the status of Earth's Mightiest Heroes' inevitable onscreen teamup. Aside from the actors' onstage gathering at Comic-Con last summer, however, it doesn't appear the Avengers have done much full-on assembling.

Speaking with MTV News, "Thor" star Chris Hemsworth revealed that while "The Avengers" actors have met seperately, they haven't gotten down to business quite yet.

"We've met sort of separately at various events and things, but yet to all sit down in the same room and do a read through...which I'm very excited about," said Hemsworth.

The actor said he'll be on the "Thor" press tour through the release of the film, but will roll straight into working on the Avengers movie after that. Presumably that timeline could hold true for many of the film's actors -- perhaps with the exception of "Captain America: The First Avenger" star Chris Evans who may be busy with a press tour of his own as his film doesn't open until July 22.

When asked if he felt less pressure working on a team movie given that there'll be less emphasis on Thor specifically, Hemsworth explained that as a fan of the characters himself, he's mostly just excited.

"Yes and no. All of a sudden there's more people to sort of take some of the weight of it all, but also you want to do your bit and stand out, you know so it's a combination. But, the excitement outweighs all of that. I'm a huge fan of these characters and these actors," said Hemsworth.

As part of an all-star cast, it's easy to imagine certain Avengers clocking more screen time than others. According to Hemsworth, however, each of the team's heroes will get ample time to shine.

"Everyone really does get a go and I think Joss has done an incredible job of throwing it together and making sure that happens," said Hemsworth.

Excited to see how Thor fits in the wider Marvel movie universe? How do you think Thor will feed into Joss Whedon's take on "The Avengers" in 2012?