'Green Lantern' Star Blake Lively Talks Star Sapphire's Crazy Costumes

Hal Jordan's relationship with Carol Ferris has been plagued by their respective cosmic costumed identities in the pages of DC comic books for years, but as far as Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively's onscreen relationship in June 17's "Green Lantern" goes, it seems as though the pair will only have Jordan's super powered persona to deal with. According to Lively, however, her character could always wind up succumbing to the malevolent energies -- and crazy outfits -- of Star Sapphire in an upcoming sequel.

MTV News caught up with Lively at a recent press event where the 23-year-old actress affirmed that the movie is stocked with Easter eggs for fans and that she could eventually don the Star Sapphire mantle provided fans like the film.

"There are lots of winks toward the audience, you know, if people like this movie then we will do more and, you know, my character Carol Ferris turns into a villain that challenges and fights Hal Jordan... with some CRAZY costumes. I mean costumes like you guys will have in the cage today," Lively laughed.

Many fans have already noted the Star Sapphire symbols painted on Carol Ferris' fighter pilot helmet in the first "Green Lantern" trailer, meaning filmmakers have the Zamaron queen's host body on their minds for awhile. Provided the villain did manifest in the GL movieverse, it would be interesting to see whether the character retained her singular nature from classic comic stories or acted as part of a wider contingent of cosmic color corps from Geoff Johns' modern comics lore.

Would you be excited to see Lively play Star Sapphire in a potential "Green Lantern" sequel? How well do you think Star Sapphire's costume would translate to the mostly CGI GL movieverse?