Arnold Schwarzengger's 'The Governator' Picked Up In International Markets

DESCWith a background as an action movie star and governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger has become involved with Stan Lee for “The Governator.” But will the superhero governor sink or swim?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the project is very much afloat. An article chronicling the business propositions of Schwarzenegger's comic book, animated series and impending live-action property brings news about the cartoon getting picked up internationally.

After a short trailer was played at MIPTV in Cannes, broadcasters from France, Spain, Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom reportedly lined up for the property. U.S. rights have not yet been sold.

Andy Heyward, who was behind the cartoons “Inspector Gadget” and “Rainbow Brite,” will be the producer. “I've been coming to Mip TV for 25 years, I've made 5,000 half-hours of television and I've never had a reaction to a series like this,” he said.

In "The Governator," Schwarzenegger lends his voice to a highly stylized version of himself. The series begins with the action icon turned politician announcing his departure from politics, deciding instead to carve out space for himself and his family in the private sector. But Schwarzenegger leaves out a crucial detail from his announcement: instead of living a nice and quiet life, he decides to combine his political mind for improving society with his extensive experience as an action star to become a real life crime-fighter, known as The Governator.

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