New 'Thor' Billboards Launch Mjolnir Over Traffic

ThorMarvel's Thor has many extraordinary evil-vanquishing abilities at his disposal, but when it comes to promoting the upcoming "Thor" film, it seems Paramount is trusting in the power of sequential art on at least one major Los Angeles advertisement spanning two billboards.

Superhero Hype spied the two extension-clad billboards working in tandem to convey Chris Hemsworth as Thor chucking his mighty mallet Mjolnir onto another billboard across South La Cienega Boulevard in LA.

The ad design is just another reminder of the power of the comic book source material from which Stan Lee and Jack Kirby's Marvel version of the Asgardian Thunder God sprung forth. Sure, the lone billboard on the rightmost side bearing Thor's hammer in cracked earth alongside the film's logo and release date seems to stand alone effectively enough, but when it comes to exciting the comics crowd, the double billboard strategy seems like a sound decision.

Similarly scaled "Thor" promos have been spotted in movie theaters for awhile. The most massive, perhaps, is the giant Mjolnir standee that Marvel has encouraged moviegoers to take photos of themselves with.

It's unclear whether additional "Thor" double billboards will be cropping up in other cities, but Midgard's fans probably wouldn't mind a few more massive mallets along their roadways as the film's May 6 release date continues its approach.

What do you think of Marvel and Paramount's "Thor" outdoor advertising campaign so far? What other double billboard scenarios can you envision for the film's stable of gods, monsters and mortals? Share your thoughts in the comments section and on Twitter!