'Cowboys And Aliens' Director Jon Favreau Describes The Scary And Dangerous Extraterrestrial Threat

As enigmatic as the laser-packing Daniel Craig comes off in what fans have seen from Jon Favreau's upcoming "Cowboys & Aliens," the film's biggest mystery has to do with its extraterrestrials' as-yet unrevealed appearance.

MTV News caught a brief glimpse of the menace from space during the C&A panel at this past weekend's WonderCon 2011 in San Francisco and noted its at least passing resemblance to the rancor Luke faced beneath Jabba's palace in "Star Wars: Return of the Jedi." When presented with the good-natured comparison, Favreau agreed on a basic level, noting his team's intention to create an intimidating alien antagonist.

"We definitely want you to go to the scarier version of the alien. You only saw a little bit of him and he's in shadow, but they're big, they're scary, they're dangerous -- even without their tech -- and we definitely want to show the audience that it's not sort of that willowy smooth skin, pale almond-eyed benevolent alien that might occasionally probe you, but otherwise isn't that dangerous," explained Favreau, "We want it be more like the Alien/Predator '80s old school [alien]... the one that will rip your throat out."

As to whether moviegoers should expect an army of alien invaders in the film, Favreau assures the initial reveal is just the beginning with many others joining the fray as the narrative progresses.

"What's fun about a Western is you can build to a crescendo and we want to change the nature, much like they did in the pre-CG Alien film days where at first it's mysterious, it's a bit of a thriller, there's a lot of tension, almost horror, and then as you slowly get introduced to the creature you see them in different aspects, then finally for the finale you get to see all hell break loose and that's part of the fun," said Favreau.

With C&A's brand of hell scheduled to break loose on July 29, fans still have several months to ponder the relationship between the flying metalic menaces they've seen thus far and the behemoths currently being teased. Hollywood willing, readers of Scott Mitchell Rosenberg, Fred Van Lente, Andrew Foley and Luciano Lima's 2006 comic might even have the inside track to their appearance.

Are you excited to get a close look at "Cowboys & Aliens'" otherwordly menaces? What do you predict the cowboy killers will look like up close and personal?