'Xerxes' Is No Longer Called 'Xerxes,' Says '300' Producer Mark Canton

The Battle of Thermopylae may have taken place about 2,500 years ago, but Frank Miller’s graphic novel and the 2007 film “300" brought a vivid version of it to life for audiences. MTV News sat down with producer Mark Canton to talk about the followup to “300” — "Xerxes."

Except, it’s not called "Xerxes" anymore, as Canton made clear. So what’s the new name? “We don’t know yet,” Canton said, later joking that it was “Xerxes Plus.” But no matter the title, Canton said that the script is finally in.

“It’s been worth the wait,” he said. “You know, that group of people [who worked on '300'], we’re really a family. That’s part of what made that movie . . . so gratifying. Rather than doing the bad sequel we . . . took our time. And now I think we have something that is going to be fantastic.”

When asked if Zack Snyder would be back to direct, or possibly produce, Canton said, “Soon we’ll know what we’re doing. But I don’t see us waiting two years to make the movie and Zack is very much at the helm of it at the same time.”

Will the yet-to-be-titled film stay in the same key as "300"?

“Yeah. I think that’s one of the things is you have to be faithful,” he said. “Anything less will not satisfy us or the audience. It ain’t gonna happen.”

What do you think of a movie to go with “300"? Is that something you’ll want to see? Let us know in the comments section or on Twitter!

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