'Grey's Anatomy' Star Patrick Dempsey Sets His Sights On 'Doctor Strange'

Doctor StrangeAs super-hero movies and television shows continue to heat up, some closet comic fans-turned-actors are speaking out to roles they’d like to play when the time comes. And one of television’s highest paid stars, “Grey’s Anatomy’s" Patrick Dempsey, is looking to take his bedside manner to one of the strangest super-heroes around: Dr. Strange.

“I’ve been lobbying for that,” the actor told Hero Complex. “There’s a whole bunch of people [at 'Grey’s Anatomy'] who are into comics and Marvel, too, on the set and they’re like, ‘Doctor Strange, that’s the one you should do.’ It would be fantastic.”

Some of his cast-mates aren’t just fans, but they’re part-time super-heroes themselves. His onscreen wife Ellen Pompeo played Karen Page in 2003’s “Daredevil” and Eric Dane played a villain in “X-Men: The Last Stand,” while former “Grey’s Anatomy” executive producer Allan Heinberg moonlights as a comics writer for Marvel itself – even scripting the Dr. Strange character on occasion.

“['Dr. Strange' would] be a great TV show, especially for HBO or something like that,” Dempsey points out. “I don’t know if I’d necessarily do another show, a drama, that’s 24 episodes again. HBO you’re at 13 and I think that’s much better. It’s just so hard to sustain the quality after three years if you’re doing 24, 25 episodes a year. It all depends on who you have as a writing team — it’s how you set it up, what’s the tone and making sure you’re not locked into this one-season success [mentality], you can’t be afraid to think beyond that.”

Back in June 2010, Deadline Hollywood reported that Marvel Studios hired “Conan the Barbarian” screenwriters Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer to take a look at Marvel’s Sorcerer Surpreme.

While news on a Dempsey-led “Dr. Strange” feature is up in the air, fans of the former-child actor can look no further than this summer’s “Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon” to see the actor trade in his doctor’s coat for race car duds as part of the primary cast of this third film. And according to his interview with Hero Complex, his role in “Transformers 3” could help his chances at casting a spell over the producers of “Dr. Strange.”

“Hopefully, doing something like 'Transformers' is about to show myself in an action situation where I’m not mister-weepy-doctor guy, you know, not McDreamy,” the actor said, referring to his supporting role on “Grey’s Anatomy.” “You have to change that in people’s view. I’m still hungry for other things. I’d love to play Doctor Strange.”

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