Ryan Reynolds Isn't Worried About 'Green Lantern' Criticism

Sure, response to the first few "Green Lantern" images and trailer was lukewarm at best, but that doesn't mean there's been any shortage of interest in Ryan Reynolds' upcoming debut as Hal Jordan. From photos of alien members of the Green Lantern Corps to speculation on which fan-favorite Lanterns will make it into the film, "Green Lantern" has been a frequent topic of conversation online and around Splash Page HQ.

MTV News cornered Reynolds during this week's CinemaCon to ask him about the many questions surrounding "Green Lantern," and why he doesn't seem concerned about the looming premiere.

"I'm not worried about it," he told MTV News. "We've never been worried about it because we saw the early concepts and we saw how well they worked. Unfortunately, that was stuff you can't just release and show to people, because it needs to be perfected and all that stuff. I'm not worried about it at all."

"For me, I want it out there faster than Warner Bros. can produce it," he added. "So if anyone's rushing them, it's me."

Reynolds also addressed widespread questions regarding the conspicuous lack of "Green Lantern" imagery and footage, given the short amount of time left before the film hits theaters.

"This movie is a huge, huge project for the studio," said Reynolds. "It's a huge project for me. It' s a huge project for everyone involved. There are so many visual effects shots and so much to do, and it's just really hard to get ahead of that from a marketing standpoint. It's no secret. But all of that stuff is coming."

"Green Lantern" hits theaters June 17.

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