New 'Thor' Clip! 'What Realm Is This?'

"Thor" hits theaters May 6, but we have a new clip from the much-anticipated Marvel movie for you to watch right now!

Check it out:

Well, anyone who's seen the "Thor" trailer and various other "Thor" footage making the rounds can probably figure out when this scene occurs in the film — but that doesn't make it any less cool.

For those who haven't been following along at home, the last few weeks have been a veritable treasure trove of "Thor" news.

Earlier today we received confirmation that Jeremy Renner will make his debut as Hawkeye in "Thor," taking aim at the ol' god of thunder in a scene that premiered during this week's CinemaCon convention.

We also saw a few new "Thor" posters pop up online, including a pair of international posters featuring Chris Hemsworth wielding Thor's mighty hammer Mjolnir. That was preceded by a set of new images from the film featuring Sif, Frigga, and a host of Frost Giants!

Oh, and did you see the story about how you can own a piece of Thor's costume?

As always, keep it locked to MTV Splash Page for more "Thor" video, interviews, and news as it develops.

Let us know what you think of the new "Thor" clip in the comment section or on Twitter! You can also follow me, Splash Page editor Rick Marshall, on Twitter!

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