First 'Wonder Woman' Set Pics & Video Reveal Costume Changes

Wonder WomanIf fan reaction to seeing actress Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman for the first time was a bit mixed, you might say it was completely because of the hero’s revamped costume. After all, that’s all there was to judge.

Whether you think Diana’s new duds were off-color or just a little too PVC, filming on the David E. Kelly-drafted NBC pilot is still full-steam ahead. And as production goes, so do local spies. One Daily BLAM! reader caught a glimpse (along with some shots and video) of the new Wonder Woman and her revised costume in action.

On the Hollywood Boulevard set of the developing show we can see some definite edits made to the rehashed costume.

Wonder woman

Wonder woman

Wonder woman

The red boots are back. Her pants, although suitably tight, are a darker blue and possess notably less polyvinyl sheen than those of our first glimpse. Of course, it does a lot for Wonder Woman’s look just to see her in motion, and aggressive action scenes will clearly be assembled from a composite of those featuring Palicki and those featuring a stunt double.

The well-documented series plot finds Wonder Woman—a.k.a. Diana Prince—fighting LA crime vigilante style while juggling duties as a corporate executive. Elizabeth Hurley and Cary Elwes will share Palicki’s spotlight as arch villain and the CEO of Prince’s company respectively.

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