'Justice League' Movie Hinted At By Warner Bros. Exec For 2013 Release!

For more than a decade now, the notion of a "Justice League" movie has been one of the great, golden egg-laying geese of the comic book movie world. On paper, it's brilliant: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Aquaman and any number of other DC superheroes all in one movie. What red-blooded comic book geek wouldn't want to see that?

Now it turns out that such a thing might actually be happening, confirmed directly from a source who ought to know a thing or two about what's upcoming for DC Comics on the big screen.

Warner Bros. boss Jeff Robinov must have dropped the info bomb in a rather off-handed way during his interview for a recent Los Angeles Times profile. There's no direct quote regarding "Justice Leage" in the story; the writer instead paraphrases Robinov.

Says LA Times writer Ben Fritz:

His most immediate hurdle is filling the void that will be left this summer when the multibillion-dollar "Harry Potter" series shepherded by Horn ends. Robinov is betting on DC Comics characters to take center stage starting in June with the $200-million-plus production "Green Lantern."

He's then aiming to release new "Batman" and "Superman" films in 2012 and "Justice League," a teaming of DC's top heroes, in 2013.

The comics talk starts and ends there, but what a reveal!

There have been rumblings about a possible "Justice League" movie for ages, but it has only managed to get off the ground in the world of direct-to-video animated features. If there is anyone out there who has the ability to raise the hopes of fans with news like this, it's the president of Warner Bros. Pictures Group.

Plans and schedules could always change, and there's some concern over the fact that this news isn't pulled from a direct quote, but for now at least, mark 2013 on your calendar for the film debut of the greatest of DC Comics crossovers.

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