'Wonder Woman' TV Series Casts Steve Trevor

Justin BrueningThings continue to move right along for NBC's upcoming "Wonder Woman" television series pilot, with the first look at Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman premiering last week, and now another major character cast.

Former "Knight Rider" reboot star Justin Bruening will play Steve Trevor in the "Wonder Woman" series pilot, according to Deadline.

An early "Wonder Woman" casting call described the role as "A leading man Diana can’t look past. Good looking but a real man. An Army vet, he now works in the Justice dept."

First appearing in a 1941 issue of "All Star Comics," Steve Trevor's origin in the comics world had him crashing on the island of the Amazons during World War II. Steve and the island's princess, diana, fall in love while she nurses him back to health. When he returns to the United States, she follows him and adopts the secret identity of Diana Prince.

Lyle Waggoner played Steve Trevor in the original "Wonder Woman" television series starring Lynda Carter.

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