'The Amazing Spider-Man' Writer Hired For Sequel

The Amazing Spider-ManWith great power comes great responsibility. Sony is the wielder of that great power now, holding the reins to a classic Marvel Comics franchise as Marc Webb continues work on his reboot, "The Amazing Spider-Man."

The studio's responsibility is to the fans, in doing justice to the much-loved character and it's one that Sony is apparently taking seriously too. A writer has already been confirmed for an "Amazing Spider-Man" sequel even as production continues on the planned July 3, 2012 release.

James Vanderbilt, who penned the script that Webb is currently shooting with, is now officially set to return to pen the sequel, The Hollywood Reporter confirms. The writer met with the studio earlier this week, follow-up plot outline in hand, and walked away with a brand-new gig to keep him busy.

"Spider-Man" is old news for Vanderbilt, who also worked on the franchise when it was still a Sam Raimi/Tobey Maguire joint. He worked on what would have been a Raimi-directed "Spider-Man 4" and was even signed up to pen a pair of interconnected follow-up sequels, but as well all know, that never came to pass.

Instead, Raimi left and Webb came in, with "The Social Network" star Andrew Garfield stepping up to replace Maguire as Peter Parker. Vanderbilt was reportedly a top choice originally for his character-driven focus, as THR notes.

It makes perfect sense that he was brought back to work on Webb's take for that same reason, and that he'd be hired to maintain some continuity into the next film. Vanderbilt previously wrote David Fincher's "Zodiac" and last year's comic book adaptation "The Losers."

Are familiar with Vanderbilt's earlier work? Is he the right choice for Spider-Man, both "Amazing" and it's now-confirmed planned follow-up? Let us know what you think in the comment section or on Twitter!