'Captain America' Trailer Commentary: We Break Down 'The First Avenger' Footage!

The first full-length "Captain America: The First Avenger" trailer has arrived online, ending a week of sneak peeks, early clips, and anticipation. Earlier today, I analyzed some of the key scenes from the new footage, and now it's time for some full-on trailer commentary, courtesy of yours truly (MTV Splash Page Editor Rick Marshall) and MTV Movies Blog Editor (and former Splash Page writer) Josh Wigler.

What did we think of the trailer? What did we think while we were watching the trailer? Check out the video below to find out:

Quite a dashing pair, aren't we? But enough about us — what did you think of the trailer?

Now that you've watched our play-by-play for the new "Captain America: The First Avenger" trailer, we'd love to know your thoughts on anything we didn't discuss in the commentary (and the trailer itself, of course).

Oh, and be sure to let your friendly neighborhood Splash Page editor know whether you'd like to see more of this type of thing!

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