Zack Snyder Has A Finished 'Xerxes' Script, Isn't Certain He'll Direct

It's been a while since we heard anything official regarding "Xerxes," the pseudo-prequel to "300" that Frank Miller penned in graphic novel form (it debuts in next month's "Dark Horse Presents") and Zack Snyder has indicated plans to adapt.

A rumor that made the rounds in February suggested that Snyder's work on the upcoming "Superman: Man Of Steel" and his new film "Sucker Punch" could make it unlikely he'll be behind the camera for "Xerxes." With that in mind, we asked the director about the status of the film on the "Sucker Punch" red carpet this week.

"['300' co-writer Kurt Johnstadt] and I have finished the script," Snyder told MTV News. "We have a script and... it would be cool to make it."

Asked about the rumor that he might have to turn over the project to another director, Snyder indicated that nothing was certain at this point.

"We'll see," he said when asked if he'll hold onto "Xerxes" for himself. "If I have time."

Changing gears, MTV News asked whether Superman runner-up Joe Manganiello — who Snyder praised during the "Sucker Punch" junket — could find his way into "Xerxes." After all, anyone who's seen Manganiello on "True Blood" will attest to his physical similarities with one of the Spartan warriors in "300."

"That would be awesome, huh?" laughed Snyder. "I'm serious!"

"He's a little busy," he added. "He has a day job... but if we can pry him away, maybe..."

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