Neil Gaiman Asks 'Sandman' Fans To Be Patient With TV Series Development

It's difficult to keep track of the "Sandman" TV series news that's been flying around the last few months, so let's review some of the recent happenings before we get into the latest news.

Toward the end of last year, Warner Bros TV was reported to be working on developing an adaptation of the Neil Gaiman graphic novel series. Then "Supernatural" creator Eric Kripke, a top choice to develop the project, said that there's nothing happening on the "Sandman" front, "at least not for this season." Then DC Entertainment COO Geoff Johns took to Twitter to reassure everyone that the series is happening, and Gaiman is involved.

That was last week. This week, Gaiman himself has spoken up to address what's going on.

It sounds like DC Comics wants to make this happen, but nobody has actually optioned the property yet, at least as far as Gaiman knows. He also notes in the same post on his website that the Kripke confusion arose because his pitch is one that was ultimately passed on. That's not lights out for "Sandman," however.

Here's what Gaiman had to say:

I saw a bunch of press about whether there is or isn't a Sandman TV series: as far as I know, nobody has actually optioned SANDMAN as a TV series from DC Comics, who own it. Eric Kripke (of Supernatural fame) pitched his approach to DC and to me last year, and we liked it and we liked him, but it didn't feel quite right at that point, so we passed. I think that this year the people at DC Comics (and me) will talk to a lot of people who want to make a Sandman TV series, and if we find the perfect person with the perfect way of treating the material, it'll happen. And otherwise it won't.

So it's really just more of the same hopeful but uncertain talk we've been hearing all along on the project, but at least it's coming from Gaiman this time — someone we always enjoy hearing from on this project and any others, for that matter.

Who would you like to see develop the series? Is there anyone in particular who could bring the right flavor to it? Let us know what you think in the comment section or on Twitter!