David Slade's 'Daredevil' To Have 'No Relation' To Previous Film

Last week was an emotional roller-coaster here on MTV Splash Page. On one hand, you had the devastating news that Darren Aronofsky stepped away from directing "The Wolverine." And on the other, David Slade, a former front-runner for the "Wolverine" gig, signed on to direct a new Daredevil movie.

While the original report described Slade's movie as "a continuation of the saga," that may not actually be the case.

The director took to Twitter over the weekend with a series of updates on "Daredevil" and other projects. In one particularly telling post, he writes, "It will [bear] no relation to the previous Daredevil movie in any way. We are at early planning stages and have not yet discussed any cast."

The string of updates was triggered by Slade's recent absence from the Internet. He came back and found what he called "a litany of false (and not so far off) rumors." While He didn't go into any further detail than that, Slade did take a moment to reassure fans of The Man Without Fear.

"So without breaking confidentiality, yes Daredevil, we have a great outline for a very strong character driven take on Mr Matt Murdock," he wrote.

Slade also took a moment to address a few other points, such as recent rumors that he might direct the in-development "Deadpool" movie. "Love DEADPOOL, was never engaged in the (quite fantastic) script, last I heard studio was looking at comedy directors. None of my business."

Finally, he spared a few words for "The Wolverine." With Aronofsky out and the two both former contenders for that directing gig, some (including our own MTV Splash Page Editor Rick Marshall) have suggested that the two filmmakers should simply swap movies. Sadly, it looks like there's nothing to get your hopes up about... for now.

"WOLVERINE, there have been no discussions about this project to date," he wrote. "Interesting to see what will happen with that as the again excellent script by Chris McQuarrie was set largely in Japan."

So there you have it. As Slade himself summed up, "that's all the news that's fit to print." Thoughts?

Do you think "Daredevil" needs a reboot after the previous film? Has Slade even confirmed here that this IS a reboot? Let us know what you think in the comment section or on Twitter!