AT&T Buying T-Mobile, C2E2 Scenes, And Art On Fire In Today's Twitter Report

Invincible on fireCreators seem to have mostly abandoned the Windy City now, following a heavily tweeted Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo over the weekend. In its wake, C2E2 left us with sketches, cosplay images and even a fancy menu prepared by Rick Bayless that was served to the Marvel gang.

Not all of the pics posted over the weekend were full of happiness, though. Ryan Ottley announced that he didn't think some of his old "Invincible" artwork was up to snuff and held a TwitPic'd burning party (hat tip to @salloria). Check out the evidence belong, along with a wish for AT&T following their purchase of T-Mobile.

I'm @brianwarmoth, and this is your Twitter Report for March 21, 2011.

C2E2 pt. 1: @BRIANMBENDIS The fancy marvel bailiss dinner menu for you foodies

-Brian Michael Bendis, Writer ("New Avengers," "Ultimate Spider-Man")

C2E2 pt. 2: @themikenorton #c2e2 sketches! Doc Doom

-Mike Norton, Artist ("Gravity," "Blue Beetle")

C2E2 pt. 3: @AH_AdamHughes Seen some cute Supergirls in my time. This is, by far, the cutest Supergirl ever:

-Adam Hughes, Artist ("Wonder Woman," "Catwoman")

C2E2 pt. 4: @mattfraction Trying to figure out how to make today more socially awkward for myself. Gonna punch an old Doctor Who and shout F--- YOU SPOCK #C2E2

-Matt Fraction, Writer ("Thor," "Casanova")

@RyanOttley Burning party!

-Ryan Ottley, Artist ("Invincible," "Haunt")

@thatpetewoods Working on the last pages of Action Comics 900 as my son watches Superman for the first time

-Pete Woods, Artist ("Action Comics," "Amazons Attack!")

@BrianDenham Can AT&T and T Mobile be called AT And T and we just call it AT-AT #StarWars #Phone #BoringConversationAnyway

-Brian Denham, Artist ("Iron Man: Hypervelocity," "Man-Thing")

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