New 'Priest' Trailer Hits The 'Net

PriestA new preview for “Priest” has been released, and though this isn’t the first trailer out, it gives another glimpse into the movie’s dark, vampire-filled world.

This is definitely not a place where sparkly vampires live.

Directed by Scott Stewart and starring Paul Bettany, “Priest” is a thriller where a priest must fight vampires in order to save his kidnapped niece. As we can see in the preview that popped up on SuperHeroHype today, some people in the film's post-apocalyptic world will deny there’s even a vampire menace — but as we can also see in the preview, the menace is very real.

Comic books being made into Hollywood movies are nothing new, but it’s not so often that Korean comics get the Hollywood treatment. “Priest” is a bestselling manhwa written by Min-Woo Hyung that’s been available in English through the American publishing company TokyoPop.

There are currently 16 published volumes of the manhwa available and they tell the story of a fallen clergyman who sold his soul in order to fight the forces of darkness.

“Priest” will be released on May 13 in both 3D and 2D.

Does the trailer catch your attention? Do you think it will be as good as the manhwa it’s based on? Let us know what you think in the comment section or on Twitter!

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