Own a Piece Of Thor’s Costume… Or Natalie Portman’s Jeans?

It’s nothing new for trading card companies to include a piece of an athlete’s jersey in some of their hard-to-find cards, but now it looks like Hollywood blockbusters are getting the same treatment. Case in point: Upper Deck’s new line of “Thor” movie memorabilia cards.

Over at TraderCracks.com, they’ve posted a gallery of the upcoming “Thor” costume cards, which will each include an authentic piece of material from the costumes worn by the film’s cast. That means that you can own your very own piece of Thor armor worn by Chris Hemsworth — or a piece of Jane Foster’s jeans, as worn by Natalie Portman.

Interestingly, there are a couple of variations of Odin, Thor, and Jane Foster memorabilia cards, but only one of Volstagg. You’d think that guy’s size would mean a wealth of cards culled from his costume.

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