David Slade To Direct 'Daredevil' Sequel!

By and large, fans were unimpressed with Mark Steven Johnson's 2003 adaptation of the Marvel Comics series "Daredevil" for 20th Century Fox. While it was a masterpiece compared to the "Elektra" spin-off that followed, it still fell short of expectations.

Fox has held onto the rights since then by keeping a follow-up in development, and now momentum is building for another adventure with the blind lawyer/vigilante superhero, to be helmed by "30 Days of Night" director David Slade.

Slade will work on what sources tell Variety is "a continuation of the 'Daredevil' saga," picking up after the events of the 2003 film, which starred Ben Affleck. The sequel-not-reboot status is further confirmed by Deadline, though no further information than that is revealed. A writer has not been hired, but the person will reportedly "work closely" with Slade on developing the story.

Slade got plenty of attention last year for directing the third entry in the "Twilight" series, "Eclipse." He apparently hasn't quite gotten vampires off of the brain either, as he is currently attached to helm "The Last Voyage of the Demeter," which builds a story around a small plot point in Bram Stoker's book "Dracula," the titular bloodsucker's voyage to America aboard the sailing ship Demeter.

Slade was rumored to be helming a film version of "The Shadow" last year, though he later shot that down in an interview with MTV.

Slade was also in the running to helm "The Wolverine," and was in fact a top contender for the gig alongside Darren Aronofsky until the "Black Swan" director was confirmed.

Is Slade a good choice to direct another "Daredevil"? Should there even BE another "Daredevil"? Would you want Affleck to return as the star? Let us know what you think in the comment section or on Twitter!