Rose Byrne Explains Moira MacTaggert's CIA Connection In 'X-Men: First Class'

We've seen quite a bit of the mutants in "X-Men: First Class," but not all of the heroes in Matthew Vaughn's prequel have super-human powers. One character we haven't seen much of so far is Dr. Moira MacTaggert, a brilliant, mutant-friendly geneticist in the X-Men comics universe who will be played by actress Rose Byrne in the new film.

MTV News recently caught up with Byrne at the red carpet for "Jane Eyre" and got her to spill a few details about the movie version of Moira MacTaggert.

"She works for the CIA in this prequel and gets involved in the whole mutant community as it were," Byrne told MTV News.

While Byrne admitted feeling a bit left out of the fun when her co-stars were showing off their mutant abilities, she explained that MacTaggart's role in the film is heroic in a different way.

"I'm on [the mutants'] side, so that's the main thing," she explained. "She kind of joins forces with [Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr] to use mutants for good rather than evil."

"She really believes in them being able to coexist with humans," she added.

"X-Men: First Class" hits theaters June 3.

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