Robert Kirkman Shares A Few More Details About 'The Walking Dead' Video Game

The Walking DeadLast month, we weren't alone in speculating on the myriad possibilities that the recently announced video game based on "The Walking Dead" could present to fans of the hit comic book and television series. "Walking Dead" creator Robert Kirkman has shared a few details about the project, there's still a lot we don't know about how the post-apocalyptic zombie drama will take shape in the gaming world.

When I spoke to Kirkman last week about the first season of "The Walking Dead" and what AMC has planned for Season Two, I also made sure to get a few more details about the much-anticipated game based on the series.

"Things are moving along," Kirkman told MTV News of the project's current status. "It's very early on in the process, but I'm looking at story points and I think they're going to make some announcements on that stuff very soon, and hopefully have some screenshots pretty quickly."

Kirkman, who serves as executive producer on the AMC television series, says that the game will have a similar relationship to the the comic book source material, following the general narrative but diverging here and there.

"With the episodic nature of how they make the game, they can make a level and release a level, then make another level and release that level, so the game should come out in pretty rapid succession because of that," he said of the release schedule for each episode of "The Walking Dead" game.

Asked whether players would operate as the series' main character, Rick Grimes, a mix of all the survivors, or entirely new characters, Kirkman said he could "neither confirm nor deny" whose perspective you'll play from in the game.

"You'll be playing as characters from 'The Walking Dead' for sure, and different levels you'll play as different people, so we'll see," he teased.

Finally, Kirkman assured fans that, much like the television series, the game will be a similarly bloody, intense exploration of life after the zombie apocalypse, and won't be watered down for general audiences.

"Yeah, I don't think we can avoid [making it graphic] with something like this," he said. "I would expect that kind of stuff."

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