'Conan The Barbarian' Photos Reveal Stephen Lang In Costume

You might scoff at the notion of seeing still images of Jason Momoa as "Conan the Barbarian" after last week's "Conan" motion poster debut, but you shouldn't. Any look at director Marcus Nispel's vision for his adaptation of the fearsome, sword-swinging warrior created by Robert E. Howard is a good thing — especially the new pics featured in the latest issue of Empire.

The Law of the Internet dictates that anything appearing in print will shortly thereafter appear online, and it continues to hold true with these new "Conan" scans, which come by way of Conan the Movie Blog. There are some cool looks at the upcoming movie, including several of the barbarian himself (shirtless, 'natch). There's also a glimpse of Stephen Lang in full makeup as the villainous Khalar Zym, looking on as a character referred to as "Jailer" (believed to be actor Nathan Jones) preps for a shot.


Production on "Conan" -- recently retitled to "Conan the Barbarian" in a direct reference to the Arnold Schwarzenegger-starring 1982 classic -- has been moving along pretty quietly so far. There's been a burst of news here and there, but Nispel and his team have largely managed to keep fans in the dark on most things.

Ron Perlman, who plays Conan's mentor Corin, offered a couple of hints in an interview earlier this year. "I can’t tell everything, but the first sequence is huge. It’s epic," he said to Examiner.

"All I can tell you is that I work with the Conan who’s 11 years old. And there’s a jump cut to Conan the adult, and I’m no longer on the scene. I don’t want to give away anything."

"Conan the Barbarian" hits theaters on August 19.

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