New 'Green Lantern' Photos Arrive Online

"Green Lantern" arrives in theaters on June 17, and Warner Bros. has brought us a couple more glimpses of what's to come today with two new stills from the movie.

The images are posted over at French fansite One photo shows Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan with his Green Lantern ring in-hand.

In the second image, we see Hal chatting in a bar with Carol Ferris, played by "Gossip Girl" actress Blake Lively.

The marketing campaign for "Green Lantern" is in full swing right now. Earlier this week we got a look at some new posters. And it was announced last week that the movie would headline London's MCM Expo, the U.K. city's 10-year-old annual comics and entertainment show.

Lots of stuff is happening for the DC Comics adaptation in the realm of spin-off entertainment as well. MTV got an up-close look at the "Green Lantern" movie toys during the Toy Fair last month in New York City. Right around the same time, a video game inspired by the movie was announced, "Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters," complete with a trailer.

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