Stellan Skarsgård To Reprise His 'Thor' Character For 'Avengers'

Stellan SkarsgårdWith no background in comic continuity, little is known about the character Doctor Selvig in Kenneth Branagh’s upcoming “Thor,” beyond the fact that he will be played by Swedish veteran actor Stellan Skarsgård.

But just because Selvig isn’t backed up by the books doesn’t mean he’ll be a one-film footnote.

Thor’s distant kinsmen, the Swedish, are reporting that Skarsgård will carry on his “Thor” role to “The Avengers.”

Skarsgård confirmed to Swedish newspaper (content translated by Whedonesque) that he will play Doctor Selvig—the same role he plays in the "Thor"—in Joss Whedon’s epic team-up. At the moment, little is known about the character beyond that he “is a scientist in New Mexico.”

Curiously, IMDb refers to Skarsgård’s role as “Dr. Andrews.” Online chatter speculates the character may become a surprise villain. (Now a not-so-surprise villain?)

"The Avengers” is slated for May of next year.

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